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Hey guys! Now that we all know that Rush and Moony are both going to conquer their fears go on a cool adventure through a forest, you can send in asks related to what they’re doing! Kinda a lot like ask-king-sombra, and ask-pon3, and a lot of others which I can’t think of at the top of my head, but whatever. I just really enjoy and love those kinds of story-esque ask blogs which include the askers and followers a lot by having them suggest things, or tell them the obvious, or lead them along, or support or hinder them, or, OR-
Here’s the ask box. And you can see the new theme I’m working on!

Rush we all know you’re a huge scaredy-cat. Don’t pretend you’re not.

We had to take the least busy streets there, just to make sure the cake didn’t get ruined.

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Pony Painting Commissions: Open uvu


Pony Painting Commissions: Open 

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