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Hello! I'm Sugar Rush and I'm an earth pony. I live with my roommate Moondrop, who's a young bat-pony.

I live around the south of Baltimare, and I run a sweet shop with a few of my siblings! I'm really friendly, so don't be afraid to talk to me!

My sisters are Shocky, Candy, and Berry!

(Current Magic!Anons: None)

I do collab with some friends, so that will be mixed up in arcs, but they're not related and they happen at different times, just to clear up any confusion.

((first panel sketched by nesuhsait))

((First panel outlined+coloured by Shocky/8bit-mermaid))

We had to take the least busy streets there, just to make sure the cake didn’t get ruined.

((Update by the wonderful lexxmod!))


Pony Painting Commissions: Open uvu


Pony Painting Commissions: Open 

((Continuation of this post))

image But-?! What?! Then what about Ameripony?!

image He technically doesn’t exist in this universe. 


Okay, so I have things queued up for the next week, every other day starting tomorrow. Hopefully by the 10th my wrist will be better so I can update! 

I’m so sorry for the hiatus as of late, I had no plans of it. BUT now that it’s summer, hopefully we will get plenty of updates! I’m gonna aim for two updates a week, if not three. 
The thing is, my wrist and arm has been acting up for the past three days, which means I need to take a break from drawing, and will be visiting the doctor tomorrow. BUT I have just quickly outlined a silly update that I had sketched out, have some fanart that have been made recently, and I have a guest update! So you will have an update tomorrow and sometime tuesday. Also, I have several arcs planned out for the near future! 
I am so sorry I am being such a poor ask blog as of late. 

Moony: Why would you suggest that? Why do I have to deal with this…

Easter is a wonderful time to rake in the bits. And leftover chocolate.